200 ok document has moved here page problem with WordPress

Posting this again as my hosts server cheap levitra buy crashed forcing a restore to be done by the looks of it as i lost the previous post i did for this also the change i made to the pluggable-functions.php file was also lost but i dont seem to need it now, so perhaps my host made some tweaks to the server. I noticed from a check_info.php file i used that the server api changed from cgi to apache which i think it was on the old server a couple of months ago.
Anyhow used to get the error above when using Rad Geek’s feedwordpress 0.98 just after my host had moved me to a newer server and i had upgraded WordPress to the latest version. The php on the new server was installed differently for tighter security, as cgi or something with SUSE unix, needed to change my htaccess files as well as php pages were giving error 404 cant be found had to add ExecCGI to the options command.

Heres the reply i gave anyway.

TO Infinity_656,

The error you got is the same as one i got after my host moved me to a different better server, just as i had upgraded to 2.02 and also feedwordpress 0.98. This server apparently turned out to have a different later apache and php build on it which kept giving error 403 or 404 and other problems, turned out i had to make a change in my htaccess files, got everthing working again and stable but just kept getting this 200 ok document moved page whenever i loaded up the update-feeds.php page. Alright if i logged in first and then went to the page but if i loaded the page first i got the 200 ok instead of the wordpress logon page.

Finally decided to do something about it after some googling found the answer.

Download your current pluggable-functions.php from the wp-includes folder.

Make a copy and save it somewhere so you can put it back if you need to.

Look for the line that describes the auth_redict function

Around line 212 in my editor.

function authredirect()
Look for this line
header(’Location: ‘ . getsettings(’siteurl’) . ‘/wp-login.php?redirectto=’ . urlencode($SERVER[’REQUEST_URI’]));
and add this line afterwards
header(’Status: 301 Moved Permanently’);

Just before the exit(); line.

Upload your new file and try it out. Load your update-feeds.php Tadacip page.

You will now return the correct header status for the redirect and the admin page will load ok.

Seems to work ok for me now. dont know if it affects anything else so i would make a backup of everything including your database before making changes.




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