Artist Sets Futuristic Dinner Party In World Reshaped By Rising Seas

How will our diets shift as climate change causes sea-level rise and coastal flooding? Photographer Allie Wist attempts to answer that with pictures of an imagined "post-sea-level-rise dinner party."

(Image credit: Heami Lee/Courtesy of Allie Wist, food stylist C.C. Buckley, prop stylist Rebecca Bartoshesy)

Kerry James Marshall: A Black Presence In The Art World Is ‘Not Negotiable’

Kerry James Marshall, School of Beauty, School of Culture, acrylic and glitter on unstretched canvas, 2012

For decades, the 61-year-old artist has depicted black lives on canvas. He says inclusion in museums must not be contingent on "whether somebody likes you ... or somebody's being generous to you."

(Image credit: Sean Pathasema/The Museum of Contemporary Art)

Trendy Hospital Clothing To Make Cancer Patients Dress ‘Well’ Even When Unwell

A trio of European women has launched INGA Wellbeing fashion line to help alleviate the dehumanizing experience many patients endure when wearing the traditional, uncomfortable hospital gowns.

(Image credit: St├ęphanie Derouaux/Les Marquisettes)