Photoflex gets bought out by Promark International Inc.

Earlier this year we reported on the news that lighting and accessory manufacturer Photoflex had filed for bankruptcy and subsequently closed shop and suspended all sales. Less than three weeks later, Photoflex announced it was opening up shop again, temporarily, while they searched for a potential buyer of the business. Today, Photoflex shared the news many photographers had been hoping for; it’s been purchased by Promark International Inc., a photography conglomerate that also owns Photogenic, Norman, Quantum and other photography brands (pictured below)....
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A2P SMS is hotter than Berlin heatwave as Dialogue alert Berlin’s GCCM conference to A2P market potential of US$70 billion by 2020

30 June, 2015 - Dialogue Group CEO Perry Offer yesterday told a gathering of leading service providers - representing some 200 operators across 40 countries - that the A2P SMS market was hotter than at any time in its history. He was addressing the audience at the highly influential Global Carrier Community Meeting (GCCM) in Berlin, where he highlighted the latest trends for growth in the A2P messaging market the enormous opportunity this brings Mobile... Source: RealWire

Enterprises Signing Up For More Than One New Cloud Service Every Day

No weekend downtime for cloud risk in Europe warns Skyhigh Networks in new report Report: LONDON - 30 JUNE 2015 - European enterprises are adding new cloud services at a rapid rate, finds a new report from Skyhigh Networks, the cloud security and enablement company. According to The Cloud Adoption and Risk Report for Q2 2015 - based on real data from over 2.5 million European employees across 12,000 cloud services - the average... Source: RealWire

Wedding photography workflow tips from Ryan Brenizer

As much work goes into a wedding shoot, the most time consuming aspect of any wedding event is post-production. Wedding photographers rarely shoot less than 1,000 images for an event and when it comes to backing up, sorting through, editing and delivering the images, the hours can add up quickly leaving you spending more time at your desk than behind your camera. To help break down the basics of post-production for wedding photography is NYC wedding photographer Ryan Brenizer, who shoots 65 weddings per year on average. In partnership with B&H, Brenizer has...
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