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KHS Projects in Computers 2011-2012

  • Length: 41:34
  • Rating Average: 4.0 from 4 people
  • View Count: 2390
  • Author: FreeTutorials


These are sample projects from my Projects in Computers classes at Kelseyville High School for the 2011 through 2012 school year. We used Bryce, Photoshop, Flash, Sculptris, Dreamweaver, ...

Adobe Flash CS3 Professional: Classroom in a Book: Chapter 4

  • Length: 15:35
  • Rating Average: 3.8947368 from 38 people
  • View Count: 31276
  • Author: FreeTutorials


Working through the Adobe Flash CS3 Professional Classroom in a Book tutorial from Chapter 4. We learn to create text in Flash, format text, use masks to animate text, organize layers in a...

Adobe Flash CS3 Graphics: The Illusion of 3D

  • Length: 6:7
  • Rating Average: 4.52 from 25 people
  • View Count: 17649
  • Author: FreeTutorials


Using some basic shapes (ovals and rectangles) and some gradient fills, you can create the illusion of basic 3D objects.

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