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Added: Apr 17, 2015

From: YouTube Help

Duration: 3:56

Channel: Howto


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FreeTutorials Says:

May 4, 2008 - You are very welcome. It's a very useful tool if used correctly.

lilly n Says:

Jul 5, 2008 - ohh right thankz 4 tellin me

KJEboys Says:

Apr 29, 2011 - Exactly the video I was looking for! THanks!

FreeTutorials Says:

Nov 26, 2007 - thanks!

dtdnoodle Says:

Jul 19, 2009 - 3:11 kinda looks like a polar bear

neenertuber Says:

Oct 23, 2008 - amaizng!

NightxStar367 Says:

Sep 11, 2007 - What you can do with pink skin tones with pink clothing is before you start, create a new layer via copy. Then go about replacing color then just go and erase the skin. Cool video :)

melaniew1977 Says:

Mar 29, 2012 - This is SUCH great advice!! I have been doing this by hand for years! THANK YOU! My mind is blown. How did I never think to hold the shift key?!?

Maya Brooks Says:

Nov 18, 2008 - how do I do this in version 6.0?

jotajota5 Says:

Oct 17, 2008 - really cool tips! Thank you very much.

mickusu Says:

May 4, 2008 - Yes sir, i am exactly mean that photo should not be look fake. I tried a lot but i could not figure out how it works. i am surprised when i come across such images which purely manuplation but yet looks like a real image. I will appreciate if you can teach me some photoshop i am not proficient in photoshop. I learned it myself but not confident using it. I am using photoshop 6.0

Verneitta F Says:

Sep 27, 2008 - WOW! Thanks a lot.

YUPchannel Says:

Mar 16, 2008 - greenscreen never been this easy,.. Livewire- :p

2Krome Says:

Feb 16, 2008 - how do you put all of the images in boxes.

FreeTutorials Says:

Apr 26, 2008 - Good suggestion. I'll do that ASAP! :)

TheDeadspy Says:

Jan 24, 2012 - Who watched it in 2012 ???

FreeTutorials Says:

Apr 25, 2008 - If you can send me a picture I will see what I can do. askgriff[at]gmail[dot]com

FreeTutorials Says:

Mar 27, 2008 - Sure -- let me gather some materials together and I will see what I can come up with. Thanks for the suggestion.

mickusu Says:

May 3, 2008 - Can you advice me on how to club multiple images as one giving an image that looks like one image?

mcphee1888 Says:

Mar 23, 2010 - In the new window? just select "selection" and not "image"

Mike Hern Says:

Jul 31, 2012 - Is that a plugin?

FreeTutorials Says:

Jul 31, 2007 - Thank you very much -- I mean that. I have always been self-conscious of my voice and I have avoided recording it like this for years. I know I'm going to get some negative feedback about it, but you are the second person that told me my voice was soothing. :) Again, thank you.

letseewhathappens101 Says:

Oct 18, 2010 - what photoshop is this

Naemi Rosander Says:

Feb 26, 2011 - what program do you use when you edit the video? :)

Trevor Philips Says:

Sep 5, 2011 - Would this work on hair colour or would that take forever?