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Added: Apr 17, 2015

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Vlastimil Majerciak Says:

Sep 2, 2010 - good job.

Luke Roberts Says:

May 3, 2008 - Glad you like the tutorial. And in fact i do have a deviantart account - lukeroberts. deviantart. com

HaylieGrace Says:

Sep 14, 2010 - Great tutorial! I was wondering if you could explain to me how to import the old paper texture to me in more detail.. I own photoshop cs5 and I can't figure out how to get it opened up like you did! I would really appreciate it.. thankyou so much! =)

phototrip Says:

Feb 29, 2008 - Amazing! Thanks!

Luke Roberts Says:

Sep 2, 2007 - what do you mean by that? (i'm writing from Xubuntu at the moment)

Luke Roberts Says:

Jun 13, 2009 - If your paper texture is too big - use CTRL + T (or Edit > Free Transform) then scale the paper size down. If you paper isn't big enough, then find a larger texture. A smaller one that has been resized to be bigger will look blurry and not very nice. There are lots of free giant paper texture resources around.

iam980 Says:

Aug 21, 2007 - Great!

Eylül Yüksel Says:

Nov 7, 2010 - Thank you, it's awesome and very clear.

coversall2 p0ly Says:

Sep 30, 2007 - O_o "photoshop: Creating An Authentic Lomo Effect..." this makes me want to cry...

Gila A Says:

Mar 16, 2010 - @jiniton totally dude. Digital-lover-people cant ever get this feeling. The waitig part and not knowing how they are gonna reslut ... Doing that in photoshop is a crime!

eKamil Razali Says:

Dec 2, 2007 - I promote this tutorial to my friends. <333

Luke Roberts Says:

Apr 9, 2008 - yes - see the description

dots Says:

Aug 6, 2007 - would you not just go buy a lomo all that messen around would stress you out

MattTheLoneWolf Says:

Feb 13, 2007 - This is fantastic, I always wondered how you got such good effects on your photos. How easy do you think it would be to do this in a darkroom, as opposed to Photoshop?

Oliver Cant Says:

Aug 15, 2010 - Great tuitorial, with surprizingly cool music to accompany it. :)

Luke Roberts Says:

Sep 22, 2010 - @jamieboyrockon I agree that you can get some great looking photos using the Holgas and similar (which is why I made this tutorial to imitate the effect), but it's hardly easier and certainly not cheaper. A Holga is like $50, plus another $10-20 for 1 film and processing and to get one good shot you're likely going to need to take a few rolls of film. With this method, you can use your current camera and pretty much any graphics program (, Gimp are two free ones).

Fishface Says:

Apr 20, 2010 - I used to develop my own black and white film, I switched to digital in 2004. Exactly what part of the creative process am I missing out on again? Film was very predictable if you were a decent photographer with good darkroom skills, unless the camera you used was a total light leaking POS with an out of sync shutter. Stop hating on digital because its different, if you have to rely on faulty film technique to simulate effects haphazardly thats just your own shortcoming as a photographer.

rbngrafico Says:

May 28, 2008 - Great great tutorial and nice soundtrack... what's the name of the song/artist?

James Krudop Says:

Sep 22, 2010 - Props to a great tutorial. But, you know, there is a much simpler and much cheaper way of doing this. It's called buying a Lomography Camera. Go out and get yourself a nice Holga, Diana, or a Lomo LC-A+. It's as simple as that. Plus, photos taken with those cameras have a sort of effect that cannot be captured with a DSLR.

Luke Roberts Says:

Aug 3, 2009 - If you're using CS4, they've made it a bit harder. You'll need to go to Windows > Arrange > Float all windows (or one of the other "arrange" styles). Otherwise, you can just cut the whole paper texture and paste it on to a new layer on top of the photo.

dafatguyus Says:

Oct 26, 2007 - hey everybody can do photoshop , not everyone can do cool lomoshots .. so i mean whats your point faker ? u proud now ? hehehe..

nanosoft Says:

Mar 24, 2010 - filter and distort then lens correction.. much easier way of adding vignette..,,

Hiheyhelloyo Says:

Oct 6, 2010 - Dude you're awesome

Logan Brewer Says:

Aug 7, 2010 - i love this video!

BeatsBacharach Says:

Aug 4, 2007 - The trick to cam studio is to take two "shots" for each thingy. One close up and one "full screen". Then edit between the two in a video editor were you start zoomed out, then cut to the close up version for more detail. I hope that helped the mouse tracking prob.