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Added: Apr 17, 2015

From: YouTube Help

Duration: 3:56

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xtylertragedy Says:

Apr 28, 2010 - @thizzbayboyz A lot of editors us Macs. You can even research that if you want. Macs are more reliable for photoshop and whatnot.

MadcapsMusic Says:

Jun 21, 2010 - thanks a lot man! Video does what it says on the tin

kuucina16 Says:

Jan 19, 2011 - i love that woops @ 5:05 :D

Siuqitobor Says:

Aug 4, 2011 - What did you have to edit in this girl`s skin, again?

0rlantho Says:

Mar 29, 2011 - thanks for the tip!!

Odin Franklin Says:

Jul 30, 2010 - thanks for telling us how to raise the opacity... :/

Jovana K Says:

Apr 7, 2011 - Hey.. Would somebody tell me why i can't erase with my eraser?! .. So I when just click on the eraser and then click on the picture it paints me my picture :S

javi bailes Says:

Aug 1, 2010 - Help please, while trying to create some mask and layer, I dont know what I did but i cant not take away the little hand tool, its not selected in the tool bar and in the screen doesnt let me do anything witht the other tools even though i can selet them. does some one know how to get rid of it. Thanks.

Balls of Steel Says:

Jan 12, 2010 - Not just that. You need pro dSLR camera for high detailed picture. If you have 10mpix "point and shoot" camera you will have really poor detailed picture at 100% crop.

hasnieyItachi Says:

Jan 17, 2013 - omg...this is the easiest tutorial ever! thank you 4 uploading :D

Alaerhyn Says:

Oct 7, 2009 - What file format is your picture? If it's a jpeg, or other low quality file, it'll pixilate when you zoom in and edit it. You need to work with .tiff or .cr2, etc.

Brooke Coulier Says:

Jul 30, 2009 - The regular Eraser Brush doesn't turn it white if your layer is duplicated....

AshesofAutumn14 Says:

Jun 9, 2009 - So what if you have a full body image and you dont want the background to be blurred? do u just select her body? or erase the background and clothing to sharpen them?

pwe1982 Says:

Nov 18, 2009 - It depends on the resolution of the picture.If you want to zoom far in you need a high resolutuion picture.

Ritz Dezign Says:

Apr 28, 2010 - @xtylertragedy -- Yeah mac's Don't get viruses for a reason. Reason being, Who wants to attack a mac when most ppl are still using a PC? Think about it. If they attack a company they aint gonna make a mac virus, they goin pc. The Iphone was hacked right?

Shawaf1 Says:

Aug 14, 2010 - thanks for this great lesson

infiniteshit Says:

Jun 29, 2010 - very good tutorial! thank god i found it.

Yanik Chauvin Says:

Dec 11, 2008 - The settings I used are just an example. Yo can tune it down as much as you want. :)

Balls of Steel Says:

Jan 12, 2010 - he is working with hi-res jpeg. 12mpix. But this picture is made by professional dSLR camera, maybe Canon 5D, or Nikon D 300 or so...

Bjornisen Says:

Oct 5, 2012 - Thank you! Beautiful girl and beautiful lighting... Don't have to fuck around too much on photoshop when your starting point is good. Just tweak it. A lot of "photographers" just can't shoot, can't use flashes so they spend hours on photoshop creating those gay instagram effects with plastic skin. And of course they love "natural light", because they can't use the lights themselves. Shit in Shit out. This dude does it really well though. Subtle and real. On a good pic! :) Cheers.

AverageDemo Says:

Feb 14, 2010 - aha Macs are a load of shit, theres nothing good about them, better things come out of my arse.

Shanna Vest Says:

Jul 8, 2009 - now when you say the eraser brush do you mean the "History Brush Tool" because yes using the "eraser tool" turns it white....but i understnad what your saying

Brooke Coulier Says:

Jul 30, 2009 - Use a duplicate layer...if you do, the original picture remains underneath and you don't have to worry about losing your History Brush by cropping.

Quixotic Fool Says:

Jan 28, 2010 - Needs a built in camera for skype tho

amjad shahzad Says:

Jan 15, 2015 - Hi´╗┐