Tacky and arousing art that touches everything from BICs to Photoshop

Today, we shun governments like the former USSR and Photoshop-happy Syrian regime for doctoring nationalist art, but Jones illustrates that the US isn't so above the practice. Walker chief curator Darsie Alexander has selected a range of contemporary ...
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Artist to teach Photoshop class for artists

Photoshop is a necessary tool in every artist's palette these days, digital creator Alexander Iaccarino says. “You'd be hard-pressed today to find an artist who doesn't use Photoshop in one way or another,” he adds. “Even traditional painters or ...
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The Design of Sites: Patterns for Creating Winning Web Sites (2nd Edition)

<>Praise for the second edition of The Design of Sites


“In my worldwide IBM marketing role, I have the benefit of working with some of the finest international interactive agencies and internal Web teams. As I read The Design of Sites, [I see] the insight from years of professional advice has been put to paper. Nowhere have I seen such a practical, effective, and easy-to-use book to solve and avoid Internet design issues. I keep a copy of the book handy to remind me of the things I forgot and to gain fresh perspectives. It never fails to deliver.”
-John Cilio, marketing manager, IBM System x & z Storage Synergy

“The Design of Sites artfully brings forward the original intent of Christopher Alexander’s pattern language into the user experience design arena. It is a valuable and comprehensive reference.”


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Announcing the Midnight Sun Resurrection Can Photoshop winner

Believe it or not, "It's a Can" (entry No. 3), by Benjamin Fry, and "Twilight Resurrection" (entry No. 6), by the husband-and-wife team of Alexander D. ...
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