John Nack on Adobe : New tool helps Photoshop users design for

December 13, 2011. New tool helps Photoshop users design for Android. The free Android Design Preview Tool makes it easy to design in Photoshop (and other apps), then see a live preview on one's Android device. Check it out: ...
John Nack on Adobe

APP OF THE DAY: Adobe Photoshop Touch review (Android

Back in November Adobe released its Photoshop apps into the Android Market, letting tablet users edit images and brainstorm ideas without firing up their.
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APP OF THE DAY: Adobe Photoshop Touch review (Android)

The six new apps are: Photoshop Touch, Adobe Collage, Adobe Debut, Adobe Ideas, Adobe Kuler, and Adobe Proto. Here, we take Photoshop Touch through its paces to see if it is worth its hefty fee - it's almost seven quid for Pete's sake. ...
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Adobe gets creative: Touch Apps and the Creative Cloud

While there is, in fact, a Photoshop Touch app, along with five other apps, these are designed from the ground up to be creative tools with a great touch interface. More than that, while Adobe's Touch apps will no doubt find their way into the toolkits ...
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How the iPad 2 Became My Favorite Computer

When I started using the iPad as my primary device, for example, I thought that Photoshop would be simply irreplaceable. Then I discovered that I could do about 85 percent of the things I do with Photoshop by using several iPad apps together as an ...
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[Review] Adobe Photoshop Touch Is The (Almost) Perfect Tablet-Friendly

Next in our series of reviews centered around Adobe's Touch Apps is Photoshop Touch, a nearly perfect paring-down of its desktop counterpart. While Photoshop Touch may be a little simplified, it still has a ton of features, and packs in almost all of ...
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Adobe Photoshop Touch Review

by Michelle Mastin, PCWorld Photoshop Touch is one of six new Touch Apps that Adobe has released for Android tablets running Honeycomb. It is designed to bring many of Photoshop's most popular features to Android tablets, allowing creative ...
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Photoshop users attack Adobe upgrade policy change

By David Meyer, 23 November, 2011 10:30 The head of a US Photoshop user group has begged Adobe to delay its recently-introduced upgrade policy, which will force people using Creative Suite 4 apps or earlier versions to pay twice to upgrade to the ...
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Love Photoshop? Check Out This DIY Toolbar Poster | Apartment

112211-photoshop-tool-panel.jpg Though we've yet to find any off the shelf options for the Photoshop toolbar graphic, we'd assume if the photo editing apps is a beloved weapon of choice, you could convert and upsize an existing UI element ...

Adobe Touch Apps for Android Tablets outed

By News Editor - The Photoshop Express app may have its limitations, but the new range of Adobe Touch apps for Android tablets that went live on the Android Market a few days ago are might be able to provide a much deeper cut into professional image ...
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