Nikon Japan issues apology for Coolpix P900 production delays

Nikon’s Coolpix P900 is an impressive superzoom camera. With its 83x zoom capabilities, equal to roughly 2000mm on a full-frame sensor, it packs quite a punch in its considerably small frame. It appears though, that manufacturing the Coolpix P900 isn’t as efficient as it probably should be to keep up with demand. Almost immediately after its announcement date of March 2nd, 2015, the Coolpix P900 has been out of stock on almost every online retailer, including B&H and Amazon. Today, Nikon Japan addressed [Translated] its production shortages, apologizing for...
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InfiNet Hails The Success of its 6th International Partner’s Conference

22nd May 2015, InfiNet Wireless, a leading manufacturer of fixed broadband wireless connectivity, held their sixth International Partner Conference in Malta last month. The partners within the InfiNet Wireless' network expanded greatly in 2014. It captured new regions of Latin America, Africa, Australia and Europe. The conference took place in Malta this year with more than 100 participants from 35 countries in attendance. The main purpose of the conference was to create a platform for... Source: RealWire